The Mets hired Elizabeth Bean as the Major League Operations Manager

NEW YORK – Amid a changing landscape across baseball, the Mets have made a historic hiring by bringing in Elizabeth Bain to be the major league’s chief of operations. She became among the highest ranked female baseball operator in franchise history.

An MLB employee since 2017, Benn has worked in the front office of the league on youth programs, labor relations, and, since 2020, in baseball operations. She graduated from the universities of Toronto and Columbia and is a passionate baseball player. Since 2016, Benn has been involved in the New York City Major League Baseball. She is the first woman to play for NYCMBL.

Bean has also worked as an assistant lecturer at Lehman College for the past six years. In Queens, you will join the baseball operations hierarchy that includes General Manager Billy Ebler as well as Assistant General Manager Brian Alderson, Ian Levine and Ben Zosmer.

While the Mets employ many women in their baseball operations division, Benn’s hiring has ranked her highest among them. As such, they are part of Bigger women’s movement Via Major League Baseball.

In November 2020, Kim Ng became the first GM in MLB history when she joined the Marlins front desk, shattering the so-called “glass ceiling” of baseball operations departments throughout the league. When the Mets sought GM this past season, they reportedly sought out Yankees GM assistant Jean Afterman and requested permission to meet Red Sox GM assistant Raquel Ferreira.

In addition to Benn, the Mets family recently hired Gretchen Aucoin, the first field coach in franchise history for a role in a junior league. She follows in the footsteps of Alyssa Naken, the first full-time coach in Major League history, and Rachel Balkovich Yankeeswho recently became the first woman to head a major league team.

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