The Mediterranean waiter follows the vacationer and confronts him

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A waiter chasing a guest in Saint-Tropez because of a too-low tip is causing a stir, not just in France. © IMAGO/xbrchx

An Italian might imagine his vacation in Saint-Tropez differently. After going to a restaurant, he follows. And a list can.

Saint-Tropez – Can we talk more about “collecting the receipt”? An Italian tourist was surprised when a waiter in St-Tropez chased the Italian man on holiday in France after he didn’t leave enough tips on the table. According to local newspapers, the “richest Italian”, whose identity has not been clarified Matin is there And good morningHe left “only” 500 euros after a meal at a restaurant on the picturesque Cote d’Azur during his vacation.

Vacation in France: Waiter chased Italians because of “only” 500 euro tip

Once upon a time German pensioner attacked by pedal boat in Austria According to two local newspapers, the waiter chased the guest from Italy to the restaurant car park in Saint-Tropez. 500 euros is not enough. “He thought he was being generous by leaving 500 euros and instead he was reprimanded,” two local French newspapers quoted a friend of the Italian as saying anonymously.

A waiter from a popular holiday resort on France’s Cote d’Azur might have a different opinion. how Matin is there The waiter made it clear to the Italian that 500 euros was not enough. Instead, he can try a little more and pay up to 1,000 euros, which is closer to the desired 20 percent tip for his total bill. “Indeed,” according to the website Motorists Associations“It’s about 15 percent of the amount here.” A vacationer in Italy costs more than two euros for an empty plate And almost irrelevant to questionable restaurant service.

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“Rich” Italian holidaying in France: tourists blacklisted

Once upon a time The cafe in Italy caused quite a stir Concerns, staff from Saint-Tropez’s unusual tip hunting on the Côte d’Azur paint a picture that is less the exception than the rule. Because even though one Italian doesn’t know what’s happening to him, a practice in a Mediterranean holiday paradise has probably caused a stir far beyond the Grande Nation’s borders. Because at a bistro on the French Riviera, tourists vacationing mainly in France who don’t dig deep enough when tipping, unknowingly end up on a secret list.

At times Tourists stay drunk at the Eiffel Tower in ParisAccording to the data from Matin is there In one A restaurant in Saint-Tropez is blacklisted for “stingy” guestsThe staff created that. It should have recorded how much the visitors tipped. If it’s too low according to the staff, they are said to actively discourage guests from dining in the restaurant again.

France holidaymakers in St-Tropez on secret tip list: Mayor speaks of “blackmail” and “crookedness”

While inside Italy is a revolt in the popular Adriatic holiday region Infuriating, the revelations even invited the mayor of a popular holiday resort on the French Riviera to the scene. Sylvie Sire spoke of “blackmail” and “crookedness” in relation to the restaurant’s practice in Saint-Tropez. The “illegal activities” must be stopped immediately.

In Italy Adriatic restaurants because of the uninvited guest If they are not permitted to collect data on guests’ tips and expenses while in France, if they have not consented to the data collection and have not been informed of the process. According to Cyr, “coercive references” amount to “organized intimidation”. This is far from the essence of tipping, which is supposed to demonstrate customer satisfaction.

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Whether the employee’s complaint in Saint-Tropez conforms to this characterization is – apart from all assessment – ​​at least doubtful in the case of the Italian holidaymaker. In any case, it is not known whether his hunt was crowned with success.

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