The Marabi volcano in Indonesia has erupted with a loud roar, spewing toxic ash into the air

Jakarta, Indonesia – The Marabi volcano in Indonesia’s West Sumatra province erupted on Sunday, sending a thick plume of toxic ash and smoke nearly 10,000 feet into the air and accompanied by a deafening roar that could be heard miles away, according to the country’s disaster management agency.

Can volcanic eruptions affect the weather?

Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Prevention Measures (BNPB) He said in a press release The approximately 9,500-foot-tall volcano began erupting just before 3 p.m. local time on Sunday, and rain of volcanic ash from the eruption was reported in the Ngari Lasi area of ​​Kandawang district in West Sumatra’s Agam district.

The rain of volcanic ash fell so heavily that it “made the atmosphere in Ngari Lasi very dense and dark,” the BNPB said.

Where is the largest active volcano in the world located?

Disaster response teams were dispatched to the area and immediately began distributing masks to the community. In addition, officials warned residents not to leave their homes due to the large amount of volcanic rain that could have an impact on health.

According to the Associated PressThere were no immediate reports of injuries. The Associated Press reported that about 70 climbers were making their way to the top of the volcano at the time of the eruption, and so far 28 of them have been safely evacuated. Others are still waiting for rescue.

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Mount Marapi remains at alert level 2, which was the alert level before Sunday’s eruption due to symptoms of volcanic activity since January, BNPB said.

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Officials recommend Residents, tourists and visitors should not engage in activities within a two-mile radius of the crater.

Anyone leaving the house is also advised to wear a mask and remove ash from rooftops so they do not collapse.

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