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The man looks into the operating room and asks for millions from the hospital


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The birth of a healthy baby should be a reason for parents’ happiness. However, in Australia, a man took the child to court years after it was born.

In Melbourne, Australia, a man is suing a hospital for witnessing a caesarean birth, millions of years after his baby was born. This was reported by the Australian news channel “7News”. The man claimed the equivalent of around 938 million euros from the facility, allegedly as a result of “mental illness” as a result of observing the practice.

The baby was born healthy in 2018. Even after many years, the case was not prosecuted. According to the man, he was encouraged by doctors to watch the delivery. In his eyes, the sight of his wife’s blood and organs led to the resulting damage. Illness also wrecked his marriage.

However, a court in Melbourne dismissed the case, saying it was an “abuse of process”. After a medical examination of the petitioner, a panel found that the man was not as severely affected as he claimed. Plaintiff disputed the assessment but did not seek review of the results.

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