The Jonas Brothers kick Chuck Norris’ grandson in new show for breaking home rule

Movie premiere Claim to fame It ended in scandalous fashion on Monday. The series challenges mystery contestants to guess the famous relatives of other contestants. And immediately, there was an unexpected turn at the end of the episode.

Contestants are not allowed to have personal phones, as that will make cheating very easy. During the first elimination, Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas revealed that one of the contestants cheated using their phones.

The culprit was Maxwell Norris, grandson of legendary martial arts actor Chuck Norris. Maxwell can be seen using a contraband phone while his upper body is hidden under a comforter.

“You know, when you came home, we took all of your devices to protect your identity, keep information away, to make sure the game was fair for everyone,” said Kevin Jonas. “And one of you broke that rule. You guys know, we take this very seriously. We want you to take the game seriously. This is really a competition.”

After it was revealed to actors and viewers that Norris was linked to the former star Walker, Texas RangerEveryone was shocked. They were equally shocked to learn that Norris had used his phone to cheat.

While Maxwell’s new fans were disappointed by his incompetence, his former castmates were worried about what would happen when his law-abiding grandfather found out he had cheated.

“Why the hell do you cheat?” asked the contestant Logan. “I’d be nervous to go home and my grandfather, and my grandfather not even Chuck Norris. So good luck. Enjoy, Max.”

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Claim to fame It airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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