Microsoft Windows 10 April Update is near and the features which are said to be coming in this update are pretty good. The features which are likely to present in Windows 10 update are Timeline and sharing fill headlines, the bigger and better Settings app and many more other features.  This latest Windows update will be available for download from April 30th and worldwide rollout is scheduled on May 8th, 2018.

This new update which will be rollout worldwide for Windows 10 PCs on May 8th has a number of enhancement and offerings. These offerings include delivery optimization enhancements which allow one device to download an update and to use the local network in order to deliver the update to peers.

Microsoft’s enterprise mobility corporate vice president Brad Anderson said in a blog, “This significantly reduces bandwidth (by as much as 90 percent) and that results in a much better experience for everyone on the network,”

Presently, the devices which are combined with a lot of data and information has led to an influx of screen time. The information that you have is spread across the multiple devices and as a result, it makes difficult to find your stuff. It makes difficult for one to search a particular file, data, photo or anything, so to help you in this new Timeline feature was included.  With the help of this, you can look back the data up to 30 days.

Most of the users spend about 3 to 6 hours each day on screens. Most of the time is spent on social media, as a result, it makes difficult for a user to pay attention in the workplace. A study says a person needs 23 minutes in order to regroup after being distracted and this led to decrease in creativity and productivity. The new update bring Focus Assist which helps the user to stay in a particular zone. When you turn on Focus Assist, the notifications from the social media don’t show off and after you finished your work you get a summary of the notifications.

The other feature includes Dictation, which means you can speak directly to the device and ask to do some tasks, without any typing. It is easy to take a note or write a paper as you don’t need to type anymore rather you need to use your voice. To do this you need to press Win + H and the talking feature gets activated.  Another feature named Windows AutoPilot is said to be a key part of the device management approach. This feature helps in enrollment status page and it is designed in such way that it will help users to ensure policies, settings, and apps.

According to Anderson, “Now, IT can ensure every device is compliant and secure before it is used, It’s as simple as taking a new device from the box, powering it on, enter your credentials, and sitting back while it is configured and managed from the cloud with minimal user or IT effort.”