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The Foreign Office warns of an “increased risk”.


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The Foreign Office currently issues travel warnings for more than thirty countries. It also includes some popular holiday destinations.

BERLIN – Germany is shivering towards Christmas in the bitter cold. As winter sets in, some citizens are likely to move to warmer distances. Further south, sun, sand and sea tempt you with even more pleasant temperatures.

Holidays in November or December: Travel warnings apply to 38 countries

If you want to escape the cold, you need to think carefully about where you’re going. After all, the world is in turmoil due to various wars and conflicts. Conclusion: Some nostalgic goals are now out of the question. The Foreign Office lists 38 countries Travel or partial travel warnings apply (Stand: 25. November).

This includes popular holiday destinations. Israel for example, the Middle East conflict flared up again after he was assassinated by militants of the radical Islamist Palestinian organization Hamas on October 7. Japan has at least some warnings against visiting the evacuated areas around the nuclear power plant at Fukushima.

Foreign Office warns against travel to Philippines: “Risk of trafficking increased”

Haiti is in turmoil and foreigners may become a target for smuggling, the warning says. In the Caribbean island nation, violent clashes between gangs are said to be at risk of casualties during protests or looting.

At least some areas and areas in the Philippines should not be visited. There is an “increased risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings on land and at sea”.

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But several caveats apply to African countries as well. In Ethiopia, for example, the government declared a six-month state of emergency for the Amhara region in August. Paramilitary units engage in armed conflict with the army.

Travel warnings for Algeria and Egypt: Some parts of the country should be off limits

As for Algeria, there is a warning against “traveling to areas bordering Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Western Sahara”. It is strongly advised against “tourist travel to other parts of the Algerian Sahara, the immediate border area with Morocco, outside the districts of large cities in the northern part of the country, and into rural and mountainous areas.” Not with police protection.

Egypt is particularly popular with German holidaymakers, thanks in particular to its sandy beaches. But even here the Foreign Office cautions Travel to certain parts of the country. After all, Egypt borders Israel and the Gaza Strip, where Jerusalem’s troops have been trying to bring Hamas to its knees for weeks.

Lots going on at the beach: Alexandria is one of Egypt’s favorite travel destinations. © IMAGO/Xinhua

Travel to the north of the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian-Israeli border area – except for Taba – and the remote parts of the Sahara is prohibited, Berlin said. In addition, unaccompanied, individual excursions and overland trips to the south of the Sinai Peninsula are not recommended.

Holiday in Egypt: Foreign Office notes incidents with police officers and missiles

Egypt regularly hosts pro-Palestinian demonstrations, sometimes with large numbers of participants. Expect more such events especially on Fridays after noon prayer. Demonstrations and mass gatherings have been advised to be avoided.

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The Foreign Office mentions both incidents. On October 8, a police officer shot and killed two Israeli tourists and an Egyptian tour guide at a tourist site in Alexandria. The man was arrested. On October 27, a missile hit the towns of Taba and Nuwaibah in Sinai, injuring several people. They could be misguided drones.

Egypt Foreign Office: “Exercise with particular caution”

Either way, there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country. However, four years ago, in August 2019, a car bomb exploded in the center of Cairo, killing at least 20. In some cases, terrorists also targeted foreign nationals.

It is expected that security forces will increase their checks, especially at night. During holidays such as Coptic Christmas on January 7, people should avoid being near Coptic establishments. In principle, the Foreign Office says: “Be especially cautious when visiting Egypt, including tourist areas on the Red Sea.” (mg)

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