The Florida trio has a sad ending for a man whose Rolex has been stolen

If you are not awake to seize the opportunity, you will lose.

Florida cops are searching for two girls who crushed a $25,000 Rolex watch after their male companion fell asleep in late Time of night date at his apartment.

The victim told police that he met his two provocatively dressed men outside a rooftop bar in Fort Lauderdale around 3 a.m. December 4, and engaged in conversation.

The three exchange phone numbers and agree to meet later that morning.

Cops are searching for two women who stole a man’s Rolex during a late-night get-together.
Broward Sheriff’s Office

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the man picked up the women an hour later and headed over to his place for cocktails.

Although the man later fell asleep, his fellow accomplices remained on high alert.

When the man awakens, the pair are missing – along with his Submariner Blueface Rolex watch and a credit card.

The surveillance camera showed two women suspected of stealing a Rolex watch
The husband stole the watch after the man fell asleep.
Broward Sheriff’s Office

Police released surveillance footage of the watch’s lure from the bar, describing both as being in their mid-twenties with long black hair.

Officials added that one of them had a scorpion tattooed on her left thigh.

The cops demand the public’s help in tracking down the time thieves.

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