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THE FLASH’s Rotten Tomatoes score began to drop ahead of its release weekend


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with the light Approaching its full theatrical release, its Rotten Tomatoes score has seen a significant decline as it races away from potential “Certified Fresh” status. Read on for the details!

the light It’s already starting to race to many theaters around the world, but with more critics given the chance to see the DCEU movie, the Rotten Tomatoes score has been a hit.

This is subject to change again in the coming days of course but since the blockade has been lifted, the light It mostly hovers around 72%.

With 193 reviews counting as I write this, it’s now down to 68%. It would have to drop to 59% to be considered “corrupt”, but that doesn’t seem likely unless there is a massive influx of negative judgments in the coming days.

for now, the light sitting between right Aquaman (65%) f Zack Snyder’s Justice League (71%), but since the former ended up making over $1 billion in 2018, Scarlet Speedster might not need to sweat in percentages!

Current projections for the opening weekend’s box office are to bring in close to $70 million in North America, which is again similar to Aquaman. It is also in the same range as Black Adammaking it very difficult to predict just how far Fastest Man Alive’s legs will take him in the coming weeks.

in terms of competition, the light You will have to fend off Pixar’s racist But mostly it’s free and even straightforward Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Arrives June 30th.

It is worth noting the lightCurrent audience score of 95%, but that’s only based on “50+” verified reviews. There may be another disconnect between critics and casual moviegoers based on these current figures.

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“Far from the greatest superhero movies ever made and not outright among the worst,” We said in our review, “The Flash remains another mediocre DCEU effort with shocking visual effects and a messy storyline that the excellent Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle just can’t save.”

the light Now playing in theatres.

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