The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and fitness tracker is now available on Amazon for $249.95. This price is said to be the lowest ever price and for the first time, the price has dropped below the $270. Amazon usually gives daily deals and it now it is the right answer for all the customers. The company’s Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Flyer, and Ionic are all in the sale with $50 savings. The discount and savings are different for different models.

If you are looking for a small, discreet and affordable then you need to see Fitbit Alta. The current price is down to $98.95 in Amazon but it depends on the color that you choose for your wrist. The versions of the Alta comes in all-black, silver and teal model, sliver and plum model.

If you are searching for the higher version of Alta then you can go for the Fitbit Alta HR. It is the most recommended fitness tracker for all. The tracker includes a compact display, heart rate monitoring and the battery life of the tracker is said to be extended up to seven days and that of Alta is five days. The additional features that are present in Alta HR are cell phone warnings like call, messages, and alarms. The price of the Alta HR starts from $119.95 and it depends on color and you can have a $30 saving in this price.

The next model of Fitbit on sale is Fitbit Charge 2. The Fitbit Charge 2 got a bigger display and Fitbit’s PurePlus track your heart rate continuously and Charge 2 separate this information into three zones of heart which are Fat Burn, cardio, and Peak. This is done to show the user about how the exercise is going. The original price of this is $149.95 and the promotion price is now $119.95.

If you want to have a wrist smartwatch, then you can opt for the Fitbit Ionic which is said to be the full-on smartwatch and it is a fitness-tracking wearable. It has onboard GPS which helps in tracking your workout, helps in storing the music locally and download the playlists from Pandora. The price of the Smartwatch is kept at $249.95 and the watch is available in different finishes.

Fitbit also offers a variety of apps and watch faces for the Iconic model and Fitbit Pay support which comes with an integrated NFC chip. The battery life is said to have run for about 4 days. The retail price of the watch is kept at $299.95.

The last product that Fitbit is offering at a low price is Fitbit Flyer. This the company’s wireless headphones, which can be pair via Bluetooth with your smartphone and your smartwatch. The price of this is $129.95 but in today’s promotion, the price is cut down to $99.95.