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HomescienceThe first Hubble image was taken in the new gyroscopic signal mode

The first Hubble image was taken in the new gyroscopic signal mode


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After the space shuttle Atlantis Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Drive-In Repair In May 2009, the end of the STS program meant that the HST had to fend for itself with no prospect of any further repair missions. The weakest point turned out to be the gyroscopes, with only three of the six operating until May 24, 2024 when one of them failed and could no longer be reset. To make the most of the remaining life of the HST, NASA decided to transition back to single gyroscope operation, with the largest number of Recent imaging results This turns out to enable HST Return to its scientific mission.

Although the HST team has worked with fewer gyros before, while awaiting 2009’s (much-delayed) fourth servicing mission, this time it appears that such aid will not be forthcoming. Although the HST is still highly effective even after recently celebrating its 34th year in space, there is still Lots of discussion On whether another service mission could be organized, or whether the HST would be taken out of its orbit within a number of years. Lately people like [Jared Isaacman] They proposed ideas for the STS service mission, with [Jared] He even offered to pay for the entire service job out of his pocket.

While there is an argument that the Crew Dragon is a poor replacement for the Shuttle with its large cargo bay, airlock and robotic arm, it is promising to see that at least for now the HST can do what it does best with few compromises. While we may see Service Mission 5 take place at some point before the last gyro dies.

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