The finale of “The Office” was no picnic for Dakota Johnson

Don't tell Dakota Johnson that there are no small roles.

She appeared in the 2013 sitcom finale the desk, thinking that she would be a player for half a day and that was it. We'll let her explain the rest.

“This was honestly the worst time of my life,” Johnson said. Late Night with Seth Meyers. “I love this show so much, and they were like, ‘Do you want to be in the series finale?’ And I was like, ‘Sure,’ thinking I would be there for about half a day.

Instead, she said, “I've been there for two weeks, and I'm barely on the show.”

Johnson speaks in a total of two scenes in the desk The conclusion, and also in the background of several scenes. What's worse is that she had to deal with 10 years of pent-up emotions from the regular cast.

“Wasn't everyone so sad?” Myers asked.

“They were sad,” Johnson confirmed. “And also, there were weird dynamics that were going on over the last 10 years. Some people wouldn't talk to each other, and I would walk in like, 'Ha ha ha, I'm so excited to be here,' and no one wanted to talk to me, and no one was interested. The background to all these scenes, I'm faxing things.

Catch Johnson's remarks at the 4:20 mark above.

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