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The Citizens’ Council wants to distribute the BASF legacy assets to 77 organisations


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German-Austrian social activist Marlene Engelhorn is in high spirits after distributing her million-dollar inheritance to charity. “How does it feel to finally be natural and democratic? “To be honest, it’s amazing,” the 32-year-old told broadcasters RTL and ntv. “Sharing is great“, she said.

Engelhorn allowed 50 representatively elected citizens to decide how the 25 million euros would be distributed. It was announced on Tuesday that the money would go to 77 organizations working on the issues Climate and Environment, Affordable Housing, Health and Social Affairs and Integration and Education to occupy Project manager Alexandra Wang said at a press conference on Tuesday. Companies receive amounts between 40,000 euros and 1.6 million euros.

Even though Engelhorn gave up all of her assets, she still has a transition budget for her career transition. She said she was privileged as a member of a wealthy family and a white woman from an industrialized nation.

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Inherited from Engelhorn’s grandmother. Marlene Engelhorn is part of a wealthy industrial family that sold the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Mannheim to the Swiss group Roche in the 1990s.

Engelhorn was one Descendant of Friedrich Engelhorn, founder of German chemical company BASF. The 32-year-old is one of the co-founders of the “Tax me now” initiative, which advocates higher taxes on the rich. In January, Engelhorn announced he was giving away 90 percent of his inheritance.

According to the ABA news agency, Engelhorn explained: “Much of my inherited wealth, which placed me in a position of power contrary to every democratic principle, has now been redistributed according to democratic values.”dpa/AFP)

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