The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 has got many highlights, but the best is the 6.2-liter V8, as part of its power and also as users see it through the windshield. This prominence is not fair to the parts surrounding it, but it is understandable. An electronically controlled differential, after all, does not make a baritone war cry. The carbon-fiber wings do not render tires into plumes of white smoke and a sophisticated stability control system does not shoot flames.

What could be learned regarding the most fastest and powerful Corvette ever is that the ZR1’s marriage of a gonzo V8 to a suite of comprehensively integrated electronic controls makes for supercar performance that is remarkably approachable.

Accommodating the requirements of 715 pound-feet of torque and 755 horsepower needed a redesigned front end. The consequence is a shrine to power, the base festooned with extra cooling equipment and the openings enlarged to let in more air to pass through. The carbon-fiber center of the hood is not for show; that is the top of the engine. It comes actually through the hood. From the right angle, high up, just like from a camera mounted to the roof, one could see it rock back and forth on the full-throttle upshifts.

This bulging display is a requirement of the Roots-type supercharger that crowns the V8. It stands almost 3 inches taller than the one on the Corvette Z06, and its bigger displacement lets it generate more boost without having to work as hard. In order to match the additional airflow, Chevrolet has additions of port injectors to supplement the existing direct-injection system that could not supply enough gas alone.

The Chevrolet’s power claims are with the 93 octane fuel. The engineers tell that the engine’s knock sensor allows the V8 run safely on the 91 octane, but they would not tell as to how much doing so diminishes the output. Unlike rest of the Corvette lineup, the ZR1 does not have cylinder deactivation. The users could expect worse fuel economy.

The Chevrolet says that the ZR1 would do 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and the quarter-mile in 10.6 seconds at 134 mph, figures that put it among the globe’s most exclusive supercars. This type of potency makes the corners in the distance instantly materialize ahead. It likewise magnifies the errors in judgment, so instincts say to approach the ZR1 with caution.

The optional eight-speed automatic switches to its Track mode after a few corners that always lands the right gear for the upcoming corner. The downshifts during braking are smooth, and the upshifts on the back straight arrive with a terrific crack from the exhaust. The automatic changes the gears faster than the manual and is able to shift in the places where it would be too hard to take a hand off the wheel.

The ZR1 has got its performance on its sleeves that are proudly dotted with carbon-fiber trimmings. Below the enlarged fenders are the half-inch-wide front wheels. Behind the wheels are huge carbon-ceramic brake rotors with a lightweight construction which translates into zero brake dust and better on-track durability.