Ford Performance claims that it’s 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet would rocket down a quarter-mile faster than the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon by more than a second, but it would not be able to taunt anyone past the exit sign to the drag strip. Its giant supercharged 5.2-liter Coyote V8 would not be street legal. With a name like the “Cobra Jet,” it is not like this thing has got to be street legal. The name in itself is scary enough to keep the people from coming back through the track gates and into the legal kingdom of the Cobra Jet.

The Cobra Jet has been a thing since the year 1968, just four years after the initial Mustang came around in the year 1964. That obviously makes the current year its 50th anniversary, and Ford desires to celebrate it with the 68 turnkey Mustang race cars built to be NHRA legal and terrifyingly powerful. They would just have to be brought to the track on a hauler.

All the 68 of the Cobra Jets would possess the supercharged Coyote V8 that appears like it is about to claw its way out of the hood of the car in the teaser picture from Ford, as well as race-engineered suspension. The add-ons for the car involve an NHRA-certified roll cage, a drag-specific coil-over suspension, race seats, and racing wheels with the 50th-anniversary badging on them. There is even the option for a 50th-anniversary graphics package, for the people who worship the brands.

There are not any specifications on the car itself yet since Ford released only information on how fast the company claims it could go down a drag strip. As said by Ford, the final specifications and the ordering would come around in the current summer.

None of the 68 Cobra Jets would have VINs, meaning that they cannot be registered to be driven on the street. But they would be available in either white or red exterior colors for everyone at the drag strip to witness, at least in the form of a blur. Ford claimed that the new Cobra Jet is the most powerful and the fastest one yet and that it would run the quarter mile in “the mid-8-second range while topping 150 mph.”

Those numbers come just over a year post to the debut of the Dodge Demon, rated at 840 horsepower on the 100-octane gasoline and with a claimed quarter mile of around 9.6 seconds at 140 mph. The Cobra Jet that Ford said was built on the 2018 Mustang platform, sounds like it would destroy that.

While the history of the Cobra Jet is not really on the streets, the Demon comparison was inevitable. They are hovering around the same ballpark in claimed performance numbers, and they are both American, V8 drag-racing giants. One has the popular Coyote engine, and the other, the popular Hemi.

But even if it cannot win in a straight-up drag race, one of those drag cars appears like it easily would take home the cool trophy after a day at the track that is the car that could drive the trophy home itself.