Tesla launches a slightly updated Model Y in China

Tesla has launched a slightly updated Model Y in China with an LED light bar, new wheels and faster acceleration.

It’s not a major update, but it’s worth mentioning.

While all eyes are still on the launch of the new Model 3, Tesla has quietly released an updated version of the Model Y out of Gigafactory Shanghai.

The update to the Model Y introduces an LED strip around the dashboard that first appeared in the recently updated Model 3.

This is the image from the updated online configuration tool:

The ambient light bar doesn’t look the same as the one on the new Model 3, but it is very similar and can also be controlled in different colors through the central display.

Tesla has also slightly updated the Gemini Wheel, the Model Y’s standard wheels, with a darker colour:

Finally, Tesla has also made the car a little faster with the base Model Y now with a 5.9-second 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time:

Currently, only Model 3 and Model Y vehicles released by Gigafactory Shanghai have been updated.

The vehicles are expected to only be available in markets that get Chinese-made Tesla vehicles, such as Asia, Europe, and Canada.

It’s worth noting that Tesla consultants told customers in China that the updated Model Y still comes with Autopilot 3.0 hardware instead of the newer HW 4.0 on US-made vehicles.

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