Tekashi69’s ex-girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral was arrested after she “hit him with a 2X4 multiple times and smashed the windshield of his Bentley” before she was taken away in handcuffs.

  • Rapper Tekashi69’s ex-girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral also destroyed his Bentley
  • Following Virus’ arrest, Tekashi shared several videos depicting the alleged assault on her
  • Viral now faces charges of aggravated battery, witness tampering and felony criminal mischief

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral allegedly attacked him with a 2×4 and authorities arrested him Thursday night.

Virus was arrested following an incident at 6ix9ine’s home in Miami, and now faces charges of aggravated battery, witness tampering, and felony criminal mischief.

6ix9ine told police officers that he had been arguing with Viral all day before she attacked him and his car.

Viral also allegedly pulled his hair in an incident captured on the rapper’s cellphone, and he eventually posted more footage on for him Instagram.

The rapper shared several videos depicting a viral beating of 6ix9ine, attacking him with two blunt objects, kicking his car, and eventually getting him handcuffed.

Tekashi 6ix9ine posted several videos of his ex-girlfriend Yailin Las Mas Viral, 21, showing her attacking him with multiple blunt objects.
The rapper first posted the videos to his Instagram Story that also show the viral scream, kicking his car, and being put in handcuffs

“For all the people talking bad, this is the USA, men here if they hit a woman, they go to jail,” the rapper wrote.

He revealed that his posts are “not just a show,” and said he no longer wants to be portrayed as the “bad guy” anymore.

In 20 minutes video “I am under surveillance, and I will never lay my hands on a woman,” he said in Spanish. I am not here to stir up gossip, I am here to clear my name and ask that this matter be dealt with responsibly.

6ix9ine also suggested that postpartum depression may play a role in why the virus is being abused.

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One video shows Virus threatening 6ix9ine with a knife outside a house and repeatedly telling the rapper to “walk.”
The rapper wrote that Viral needed help more than once on his Instagram Story, and he also did so in a separate video he posted afterward.
6ix9ine posted the videos on his Instagram account in response to several statements made by Dominican radio host Santiago Matias, who accused the rapper of viral media abuse.

The videos were a response to allegations made by Dominican radio host Santiago Matias that the rapper abused Virus.

Mathias’s accusations came after viral photos of her showing bruises and cuts on her face began circulating on the Internet.

Fairall said she was in a car accident, which left her injured, but was not assaulted.

The radio host went on to accuse 6ix9ine of being abusive, and the rapper responded to Mathias’ accusations directly before he posted the videos last night.

Viral did other things besides attack 6ix9ine with blunt objects that night, and was eventually put in handcuffs after the whole ordeal.
The two have been rumored items since last June and were involved in a feud with Verusal’s ex-husband Anuel AA

“Santiago Matias, you creepy coward, you stayed silent all this time to protect Yaelin,” 6ix9ine wrote.

He added: “The thing is you will never become an audio engineer – everything for you is networks, views, what a petty person – Yalin needs help and you can benefit from that.”

6ix9ine also accused Mathias of using a mentally ill virus in his live show.

‘@alofoke what’s wrong with this, is this for your campaign?’ Asked.

TMZ He was the first to publish the news of her arrest.

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