Tarot Card Readings: Daily Tarot Prediction for December 18, 2023 | Astrology


Tarot Card: The Reversed Ace of Wands

You have an opportunity to do something important, but you don’t feel quite ready for it yet. Good! Sometimes, even when an opportunity comes, you may not feel excited about taking it right away. It’s okay to wait until you feel more excited and motivated about it. You don’t have to rush things.


Tarot card: Two of Swords

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There are a lot of things happening around you, and you may feel a little overwhelmed. You’re getting a bunch of information, all of it new and potentially confusing. It’s like having to solve a puzzle without all the pieces yet. Take your time to understand everything. Don’t rush into making a decision until you’ve figured out all the important things. Give yourself the time you need to get things right.


Tarot Card: Reversed Justice

You’ve been trying hard to fix a problem or make things better, but now it’s time to take a step back. Imagine you did everything you could to fix a broken toy. Now it’s time to let it sit for a while and see if it fixes itself. It may seem strange because you’re used to doing things to make things better, but sometimes just waiting and watching is the right thing to do.


Tarot Card: Queen of Wands

Today may be the day when listening is better than talking. Even if you have some clever things to say, it’s like having a secret that’s best kept for later. Your wisdom may not be useful if it is shared at the wrong time. So, it may be best to wait for the perfect moment when your words will have the greatest impact.

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Tarot Card: Ten of Swords

It will be a difficult time for you, as when you have a big scratch that needs to heal. It will be painful, and you won’t feel like yourself for a while. It’s like going through a storm before seeing the rainbow. But this difficult time is necessary for your heart to finally feel better. The situation is difficult now, but things will slowly improve.


Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles

It’s time to think about where you spend your money. Imagine that you have a piggy bank with some holes where your money keeps sliding, but there is another piggy bank where your money grows. It’s like juggling fixing holes and filling a growing bank. Take a look at what makes you lose money and what can help you earn more.


Tarot Card: Moderation

You don’t have to rush into making big decisions now. Imagine that you have a bunch of different paths in front of you, and you’re trying to figure out which one is the best one to walk on. Take your time, think about it, and maybe write down all your choices. The right decision will come to you when you are ready.

the scorpion:

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Even if you’re worried about not getting enough, today is a good day to be kind and giving. It’s like sharing your favorite toy with a friend even when you’re afraid you won’t get it later. Trust that there are always more good things coming your way when you are kind to others.

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Tarot card: Ten of Cups

You may feel like you have to do everything yourself to make sure it is done perfectly. But sometimes, it’s okay to let others help, even if they make mistakes. It’s like teaching someone to ride a bike, they might stutter a little, but they’ll learn, and you’ll get closer.


Tarot Card: Ten of Pentacles

If you are in a love relationship, good news! Maybe it will grow into something truly strong and lasting. It’s like watching a tiny seed grow into a huge, beautiful tree. Your relationship may be headed toward something really special, so enjoy the ride.


Tarot Card: Five of Pentacles

Your health is very important, even if you have a lot of work or things to do. It’s as if you were building a tower of blocks and the bottom blocks start shaking. You need to fix the lower parts to keep the tower stable. Take care of yourself first so you can be there for others later.


Tarot Card: Reversed Page of Pentacles

You may hear some sad news, but it won’t last forever. It’s like a storm passing through your day. It may seem doom and gloom for a while, but remember that the storms eventually pass, and the sun shines again. Sometimes hearing bad news helps us know what needs to be fixed and what is best left alone.

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