Fitbit Versa smartwatch is slim, cheap and has got a good battery back-up

In recent years, the demand for fitness-tracking devices has reached…

- 3 years ago

Fitbit unveiles Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for $200

Fitbit announced its new smartwatch on Tuesday with a price…

- 3 years ago

Fitbit reportedly may come up with a coin-size glucose tracker patch

It is known fact that Apple is currently working on…

- 3 years ago
dexcom and fitbit

Fitbit, Dexcom join hands to make diabetes-monitoring data easily accessible

Fitbit has officially entered into a partnership with glucose-monitoring device…

- 3 years ago
Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit launches three new products including the new Ionic smartwatch

Despite the going meltdown in the wearables sector, Fitbit today…

- 3 years ago

Pebble won’t manufacture smartwatches anymore, sells its key assets to Fitbit

Kick-starter funded smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has decided to stop manufacturing…

- 4 years ago