Tag Heuer started his business by making the dashboard chronographs in 1911 and invented the “driving watch” with its Autavia and Carrera in early 1960. The announcement in the Geneva Motor Show about a new partnership with Aston Martin is best news for everyone. It is also sponsored Red Bull racing and the name of the company in the title in this season is seem to be significant.

The Aston’s design director Marek Reichman said that  “the great thing about TAG Heuer is, of course, its huge, iconic heritage in motor racing”. TAG Heuer unveiled two special-edition chronographs which are a quartz Formula One watch which is inspired by successful Aston Martin Racing(AMR) and a Carrera Calibre )1 Chrono is designed with the luxurious vein as Aston;s grand-touring coupes and having the features like a hexagonal cut-out dial which is inspired by details on the latest Vantage and redesigned lugs and case.

The new CEO Andy Palmer is driving through a “second-century plan” which sees the traditionally GT-oriented range making its way to every luxury segment. It includes from the “Valkyrie” which is a mid-engined hypercar developed in partnership with Red Bull racing to all-electric SUV built in South Wales.

According to Telegraph Reichman given a statement that “our portfolio is growing and that where TAG Heuer really makes sense for us.” He also added that TAG Heuer development speed is different from other watch company whose speed is usually slow.

He said that if you are running a company slowly then you can never match our speed. But, the speed of TAG Heuer is different and they run their clock as fast as ours. The new models which are launched are just the beginning of the series and the long term is confirmed with them with Connected smartwatch on our banks.