Starting November 12, T-Mobile will limit high speed data offered to customers as soon as they reach 5GB. Earlier, subscribers had access to unlimited high speed data in Canada or Mexico and could consume up to 50GB of 4G LTE data in a single bill cycle.

The carrier has officially confirmed that soon this change will be applied to its ‘Mobile Without Borders program’ for users who are travelling to Mexico and Canada.

Once subscribers consume the allotted 5GB high speed data limit, their speeds will plunge down to just 256kbps for subscribers of its One Plus program, and a mere 128kbps for T Mobile One users.

“Mobile Without Borders is an incredible benefit and allows customers to stay connected when traveling in Canada and Mexico. In order to prevent usage beyond the intent of the product, we implemented a limit on the amount of monthly 4G LTE data. Less than 1% of people with this benefit travel to Mexico and Canada use over 5GB a month. After 5GB of high-speed data is used in Mexico and Canada (or your high-speed data allotment is reached, whichever comes first), customers will stay connected with unlimited data at Simple Global,” the carrier explained.

T-Mobile also revealed as to why it decided to limit the data offered to subscribers to just 5GB. The company explains that subscribers while on roaming in Canada or Mexico do not really consume much data anyways, hence it decided to dial down its unlimited data plan. T-Mobile also added that less than one percent of its customers travelling to Canada or Mexico use 5GB of data.

While subscribers who wish to have access to unlimited data while on roaming can opt for the T-Mobile One Plus International option, for an additional $25 every month. What are your thoughts about this new change? Let us know in the comments below.