Android Auto might get a new feature called “Swipe to Unlock” which will allow phone interactivity. This is said to be a huge benefit for the users with Android Auto present in their vehicles. This feature is confirmed by the Google.

The Android Auto of the Google disabled the use of phones when it is plugged into the car for use. The main aim of the Android Auto is to prevent people to use their phone while driving. Google tried to minimize the level of the accident by vehicles due to use of the phone while driving. The Android Auto users cannot unlock their smartphones after they get connected via Google’s OS. The only way to use your phone when it is connected to Android Auto is the use of voice. The app locks your screen and prevents the drivers to unlock their phone by touching.

Google seems to change its mind and it is making easy for the users to use the phone while they are driving. According to the AndroidPolice report, Android Auto now comes with a “Swipe to Unlock “ feature. This feature helps the user to unlock their phone while they are driving. Google has confirmed that the new feature is now available for all the users and it remains for the time being.

If you got Android Auto in your car, then you need to plug the device into the system for the in-dash display. Then you need to go to unlock your phone screen and you will see the new option “Swipe to Unlock “. When you will swipe you can access your home screen easily. This is welcomed by all Android Auto users as this is a very useful feature for them.