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Suspected Hamas hostage found dead in Israel


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As of: May 3, 2024 9:39 pm

The body of an Israeli long suspected of being one of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza has been recovered in Israel, the military said. He was already killed in an attack by Hamas terrorists on the day of Noah.

A Hamas massacre victim was found dead in Israeli territory months after the attack. This was announced by the Israeli army.

According to the report, Eliakim Livman was killed in an attack by Islamic Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip on October 7 last year.

The circumstances under which the body was found are unclear

Israeli authorities had until now assumed that Livman had been taken hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He was identified based on evidence found at the scene and a thorough investigation by military, police and forensic experts.

When asked by the AFP news agency, the army did not give any information about where and under what circumstances the body of the young man was found. Israeli media reported that Livman was accidentally buried with the victims of the Hamas attack on the Noah music festival.

Defense Force At a music festival

The hostage forum said the 24-year-old was working as a security guard at a festival near the Gaza border. The deceased’s family said he was killed after treating injured people at the festival.

“After more than 200 days and nights of searching, anxiety, prayers and tears by tens of thousands of people in Israel, we learned with great sadness that our beloved son is no longer alive,” relatives said.

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Another confirmed death

Hours before the announcement that Livman’s body had been found, the Israeli government had already confirmed the death of Dror Orr from Kibbutz Biri. The 49-year-old was killed in a Hamas attack on October 7 and his body was flown to the Gaza Strip, Kibbutz Biri said.

Or his wife was also killed in the attack. Two of their three children were abducted and released in November as part of a joint deal to end the war and release hostages.

An unprecedented carnage

In the October 7 attack, Hamas terrorists killed approximately 1,200 people in Israel and took 250 hostages in the Gaza Strip. The unprecedented carnage sparked a war in the Middle East.

As of several weeks ago, Israel believed that nearly 100 of the 130 hostages remaining after the exchange were still alive. But there are now fears that a significant number of them may have already died.

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