Thanks to the modding community, Super Mario 64 is now playable online, which allows players to add up to 24 people. The Nintendo 64 classic has always been a single player game, however, a group of modders Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns and Marshivolt have made it possible to play the game online.

With the new mod, players can also try out a wide range of game modes such as hide-and-seek, racing, and fighting. Not to forget, popular characters from the Mario universe such as WaLuigi, Princess Peach, Toad, as well as Mario are available to play in the mod, each having their own set of unique abilities. For instance, Mario and Luigi can sprint, while Princess Peach can fly for short distances.

However, be prepared to come across some hiccups as the original Nintendo 64 classic was never a multi-player game. But as weird and chaotic as it sounds, the modded version sure looks like a lot of fun. You can either play in co-op mode, or take on your opponents in the versus mode.

Though, it might be a little tricky to finish the setup process and connect with other players with this particular mod. That said, modders have included an instructional video that details should help you get this mod up and running.

If you want to try his mod out for yourself, you can download and install the files from Google Drive or Discord. While you can check out the SM64O forum or the game’s Discord channel if you want to play multiplayer. You can check out the mod video below to get a feel of what’s in store.