Summer Games 2022: Announcing everything

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest show has finally arrived in 2022 and promises to introduce announcements about the game, reveal it, and more.

We already know some of the games that will be featured at the Summer Game Fest show, including Gotham Knights, The Callisto Protocol, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Street Fighter 6, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but there are certainly plenty of surprises in store.

There are bound to be a ton of ads, and this tour will round out every one to make sure you don’t miss a thing. We’ll be updating this article throughout the show, so be sure to follow us!

Street Fighter 6 to watch the return of cunning

A new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6 has revealed that Guile will return for the latest entry to the legendary fighting series. In the new footage, we see Guile fighting Luke and Ryu in an updated version of Guile’s Air Force Base stage.

Aliens: Dark Descent to bring players face-to-face with Xenomorphs back in 2023

An all-new game set in the Alien universe will arrive in 2023. We haven’t learned much about what the game is, but a cinematic trailer set the tone for what players can expect. The promotion ends with Marines battling Xenomorphs from a top-down perspective, which could indicate what the game will look like.

Callisto Protocol’s first extended gameplay reveals more about the Terrifying Journey player that will continue later this year

The Callisto Protocol is promising to be One of the scariest games ever, And the first extended gameplay footage confirms that it is on its way to making this nightmare a reality. In the gameplay demo, we see a brutal death not only of the enemies, but also of our main character. It also appears to feature throwable limbs that will fall from dead space.

The Callisto Protocol will be released on December 2, 2022.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 demo teases new game campaign

Lieutenant Simon “Jost” Riley and Sergeant John “Soap” McTavish return in the latest gameplay demo from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign. The “Dark Water” demo takes place on a boat sailing through a storm, and we get glimpses of… Outdoor play, more open, tighter indoor combat situations.

While not shown, Captain John Price and Sergeant Kyle “Gas” Garrick will be part of the story again when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 arrives on October 27, 2022.

Layers of Fears is a “psychedelic horror story” made in Unreal Engine 5

The Bloober team has confirmed that they are working on Layers of Fears, a new “psychedelic horror record” produced in Unreal Engine 5 that was presented as a somewhat modified version and sequel that would “build on the foundations” of the original Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear: Inheritance , and Layers of Fear 2. It will also include an “extended blueprint and direction of the gameplay.”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns trailer reveals Spider-Man and release date

The new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Sons not only revealed Spider-Man joining its roster, but also confirmed that the XCOM-style game will be released on October 7, 2022. The trailer also showed the main villain, Lilith, and the corrupt versions of Venom, Sabertooth, and Scarlet Witch and Hulk.

IGN also had a chance to check out Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and you can read our thoughts in the first preview.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge gets a release date, Casey Jones as a playable character, and a new six-player mode

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge will be officially released on June 16, 2022. The news was revealed in a new trailer that also confirmed Casey Jones as a playable character and a new six-player mode.

Cuphead in the delicious gameplay of the last tournament shows the cup in action

The much-anticipated Cuphead on The Delicious Last Course has almost arrived as it will be released on June 30th. During the Summer Game Fest show, we got a look at the gameplay from Delicious Last Course starring new character Chalice.

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Neon White’s stylish card-based shooter gets a release date of June 16

Neon White, a nifty card-based shooter/platformer, will be released on June 16, 2022. Developed by Donut County creator Ben Esposito, Neon White will be available on both PC and Nintendo Switch.

Mankind is coming to consoles, new DLC content announced

Along with confirmation that Humankind, the turn-based strategy game from Amplitude Studios, is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on November 4th, we’ve also received word about new DLC, Cultures of Latin America.

Flashback 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the 1992 sci-fi platformer

The original flashback was released in 1992 and looks set to return in winter 2022 with flashback 2. The original game was similar to Prince of Persia and Another World, and we shouldn’t wait any longer for more details on how to play. You will play this year.

The Witchfire is back after being announced at the 2017 The Game Awards

The Witchfire was first announced at The Game Awards in 2017, but it’s been mostly quiet since then. Now, we’ve taken a whole new look at this first-person shooter and promised to enter it into Early Access in the near future.

Fort Solis stars The Last of Us from Troy Baker and Red Dead Redemption 2 from Roger Clark

Fort Solis is a science fiction movie starring The Last of Us’ Troy Baker (Joel Miller) and Roger Clark, directed by Red Dead Redemption 2 (Arthur Morgan).

Routine is a horror game with a terrifying team of robots

The routine was announced nearly a decade ago, but that amount of time may not have prepared us for a horrifying look at gameplay that feels like a mix between Alien: Isolation and The Terminator.

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Ex-Blizzard Devs announced Stormgate, a new post-apocalyptic RTS game

Frost Giant, a studio made up of former Blizzard employees, has revealed a new post-apocalyptic Stormgate, RTS. While we only saw a movie trailer, it showed an archaeologist making an ancient armor out of artifacts before being brazenly interrupted by a giant demon. Fortunately, an ally in mechanical gear pounces to save the situation.

Stormgate will have a beta in 2023, and it will be free when released.

Goat Simulator 3 has been announced with a parody trailer for Dead Island 2

Before you go check, there is no Goat Simulator 2. However, that hasn’t stopped Goat Simulator 3 from announcing a parody trailer for Dead Island 2. We haven’t seen any gameplay, but it does seem to feature all the wild antics from the games’ favorite goats. once again.

Highwater Reveal trailer shows a world devastated by the effects of climate change

Highwater is an upcoming adventure game that aims to allow players to explore a world devastated by the effects of climate change.

One Piece Odyssey Trailer reveals more about Monkey D. Luffy and Crew’s new adventure

Although there are not a lot of ways to play, we had a good look at the upcoming One Piece Odyssey starring Monkey D. Luffy and many of our favorite games from the anime.

Genshin Impact Developer HoYoverse Presents Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero

Those who can’t get enough of the Genshin Impact will be happy to know that HoYoverse has just shared more Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero.

Nightingale gets a longer playing look at the Summer Games Festival

Nightingale is Aaryn Flynn’s upcoming survival game, Inflexion, and Summer Game Fest has given fans an expanded look at the game in action.


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