Streamers Shroud and Sacriel have announced their own game: Project Astrid

TV gamers Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek and Chris “Sacriel” Ball team up with developer Splash Damage to create the “AAA open world survival game” codenamed Astrid Project. the group Announce the new project On Thursday, Splash Damage’s creative director, Lance Winter, called Grzesiek and Ball “core members of our development team.”

“Chris and I have refined a vision of what’s next in the survival genre and with Splash Damage, we’re setting out to build it,” Grzesiek said in a statement. “We want to build the best survival game ever, and with Sacriel’s brain and the Splash Damage team, I know we can do it.”

Grzesiek is a longtime esports player who has competed professionally in gaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive And brave. Streaming also has a large audience: 10.5 million followers on Twitch and 6.8 million subscribers on YouTube. A veteran of live streaming, Ball has over 10 years of experience on Twitch playing survival-focused games like dayzAnd pubgAnd Escape from Tarkov. That shouldn’t come as a surprise Astrid Project It is being promoted as “a game that streamers and gamers love”.

Splash Damage is a veteran studio that is cutting its teeth on multiplayer fare like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory And Enemy Territory: Quake Warsand was created recently edge And Gears Tactics. The studio’s latest announced project is the online action game Transformers: Reactivation.

Release date and platforms Astrid Project Not announced.

Shroud and Sacriel’s announcement is the latest in a growing trend of content creators jumping into game development and publishing. Another example is the esports organization 100 Thieves, run by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, which advertised the game. X project last year; YouTuber Jason “Dunkey” Gastrow, who posts games under this label bigmode; and Dr. Disrespect, whose Midnight Society studio is making the game deaddrop.

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