Starfield is reportedly coming to PS5, along with other Xbox exclusives

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release Starfield on PlayStation 5 as part of a new initiative to bring more Xbox exclusive games to other console platforms.

That depends XboxErawhich cites anonymous sources claiming that the Bethesda RPG is scheduled to launch on Sony's console, alongside the previously rumored ports of Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves.

According to the publication's sources, Microsoft is planning to release Starfield for PlayStation 5 following the planned Shattered Space expansion, which is scheduled to arrive on Xbox and PC later this year.

Microsoft has allegedly made an additional investment in PlayStation 5 development kits to support development efforts.

VGC asked Microsoft for comment on this report.

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Bethesda's upcoming Indiana Jones game could be another first-party Xbox title set to release on PlayStation 5, according to the edge sources.

According to the post, Bethesda is considering bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5, following its Xbox and PC announcement last month.

“A new cross-platform approach to some Xbox games is emerging within Microsoft, as the company considers which titles will remain exclusive and others that will appear on Switch or PS5 in the future,” we're told.

Bethesda will reportedly release the Indiana Jones game first as an Xbox console exclusive, followed by a potential PS5 release a few months later.

Ostensibly, the move would represent a major change in Microsoft's gaming strategy, which has previously seen it keep its biggest titles exclusively for Xbox consoles, as opposed to those that were already cross-platform before joining Xbox, such as Minecraft or The Elder Scrolls Online.

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However, Xbox already releases all its first-party games on PC immediately, and with reports that PlayStation 5 sales are significantly outpacing Xbox Series consoles, it's likely that the company has decided that potential software sales can no longer be ignored.

According to the XboxEra report, “Microsoft's senior leadership has reportedly discussed the pros and cons of launching more of its exclusive software elsewhere, and internally, not everyone is necessarily happy with the decision, but potential refunds are 'left on the table'.” By not being released elsewhere he has won.

Officially, Microsoft's head of gaming, Phil Spencer, said the game's exclusivity is determined “on a case-by-case basis.” But privately, according to the FTC's lawsuit filed last year, the CEO had done just that Internal conversations Which indicates that all Bethesda games will be exclusive from now on.

However, evidence is mounting that Xbox may be about to soften its approach. Last month, several journalists reported that Rare's Sea of ​​Thieves game was being planned for Sony's console, alongside last year's well-received Hi-Fi Rush game.

Daniel AhmedIncreasing the multi-platform strategy could be a “win-win” for Microsoft and Game Pass, said Niko Partners, director of research and insights.

“Although the console is still important for Xbox/MS, it's very clear that MS' goal for a while was to have its games accessible anywhere. That's why you can play Xbox games on PC or on mobile via the cloud. Related Game Pass also does so. The PlayStation or Nintendo versions would just be an extension of this strategy.

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“Finally, current reports seem to indicate some sort of delay in the PlayStation release. Which again is similar to PlayStation's strategy for PC. So, under this reported strategy, Xbox consoles (and Game Pass) will still have priority.