Pakistan unlike every time did not lose the opportunity to pull down India’s image in international community on a matter of internal dispute- Abrogation of Article 370. Indian government had to face serious challenges of controlling the law and order situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir post declaration given the consistent negative narrative launched by Pakistan and terror infiltration attempts. In such a situation Srivastava group aced the alternate narrative by spreading positive about Indian State through a holistic digital media campaign in Europe.

A special report launched by Belgium-based non-governmental organization stated that a network of pro-Indian ‘fake’ websites was launched to spread an alternative narrative about the incident against Pakistan. At least 265 fake local news sites were identified in more than 65 countries which are managed by one “Indian influence network”. As resolved by the NGO, the IP addresses of these websites were traced back to Srivastava Group.

According to Brussels based NGO working against disinformation campaigns, the cluster of websites were launched for a special operation to influence European institutions and United Nations bodies to against Pakistan and its floated narrative. The report entitled ‘influencing policymakers with fake media outlets: An investigation into a pro-Indian influence network clearly proves that Srivsatava Group played an important role is executing a decision of national importance with its contribution.

The lesser known facts about Srivastava Group is that this is not the first time it has taken up an assignment of cyber operations but it had been operating earlier with the name of Agalya led by Ankur Srivastava. Agalya made its first international appearance in one of the most potential markets known for outsourcing cyber operations, 2017 DSEI Defense and Security Event in Dubai. Agalya made an important mark there with the presentation of tools for government but also selling hacking as an offering. It well defined its technologically advanced capabilities were even well noticed by the Bahamut Report published by Bellingcat.

Srivastava group with the name of International Institute for Non-aligned Studies (IINS) currently based in Delhi, India is the revised version of Agalya offering cyber services now to reach its ambitious expansion and the success achieved by them in the void of Article 370 proves that they are on the right track.