There have been many reports about the upcoming modifications to the free tier of services of Spotify over the last couple of weeks, and it seems that the music service is presently serving the updated UI to a selected number of users. While it is yet not confirmed whether this is officially the new form of the free version for mobile that is expected to roll out in the next week, these UI changes that have an inclusion of the option to play songs on demand in select playlists, would make the free tier act much more like a Premium account. Nevertheless, Spotify has yet not commented anything on the matter.

It seemed in the reports of the last week that these updates would specifically impact the mobile users, and a flyer for the upcoming 24th April event of the company recently confirmed that the modifications were coming to Spotify mobile.

While there are many notable changes in this version of Spotify free for the mobile, perhaps the largest is the new option that is to play certain playlists on demand, as seen with the “Gold Edition” playlist. If a playlist could only be played in the shuffle mode, that is presently designated with a blue shuffle icon. Earlier on the free tier, all the playlists only could be played in the shuffle mode.

Even new is the way individual songs are actually displayed while playing. Earlier Spotify made use of full-screen art with certain prominent playlists such as the RapCaviar. As of now, that seemingly has rolled it out as a standard. In fact, nearly all the things in this version of the Spotify free is redesigned, from the Search page that now has colorful boxed prompts such as the “Workout” and the “Mood” to previews under the playlist icons that give a heads-up on the songs that are contained inside (as seen under the “New Music Friday” of the Spotify).

When it comes to the bottom strip of the navigation, the Browse button has been eliminated, and that particular content is folded into Search. The Radio button has also been eliminated, and the function is nowhere to be found throughout any of the menus. There is now even a Premium button to the right that prompts the free users to upgrade. “Voice control,” a feature that Spotify was testing earlier in the current month, is seemingly not in the inclusions made in the update, for the time being.

Spotify went on the public forum on 3rd April, and its services are made available in around 61 countries with an overall user base of nearly 159 million, which is an inclusion of ad-supported free listeners and nearly 70 million paying users as of January 2018. The company predicting as many as 96 million paid subscribers and a 30 percent hike in the revenue to 6.6 billion dollars by the end of the current year. It is predicted that the company likely would continue to aim at the user subscription growth, and at making the free experience better to use as it is important for propelling new people to the service.