Nintendo Switch owners have a chance to play Splatoon 2 demo ahead of the game’s official release next week. That said, there’s a small catch to it. As the demo will only be available for a period of 4 hours today i.e July 15.

Nintendo is using these trials to build the hype around the world premiere of the game’s first Splatfest. In case you didn’t know, Splatfest is an in-game event where two sides go head to head in a Turf War to decide which side is “right”.

Today’s Splatfest demo runs from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm PT, while for folks in the east cost it’ll run from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. To get a piece of the early action, players just need to download the free demo on their Nintendo Switch consoles via Nintendo e-shop. The demo can also be downloaded before the Splatfest goes live, which lets you prepare in advance.

Once you’ve downloaded the demo, players can start playing and vote for their team. In addition, they can also access the in-game mailbox to create and share drawings to show support for their favorite team. However, the multiplayer mode won’t be available until the event goes live.

Nintendo also said the demo will include four weapon loadouts to choose from which are listed below:

Loadout 1

  • Main Weapon: Tentatek Splattershot
  • Sub-Weapon: Splat Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Inkjet

Loadout 2

  • Main Weapon: Splat Roller
  • Sub-Weapon: Curling Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Splashdown

Loadout 3

  • Main Weapon: Splat Charger
  • Sub-Weapon: Splat Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Sting Ray

Loadout 4

  • Main Weapon: Splat Dualies
  • Sub-Weapon: Burst Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Tenta Missiles

Elsewhere, the demo also includes four maps, out of which three are brand new for Spaltoon 2. The event will be divided into two-hour blocks. In the first block, players will be fighting on Starfish Mainstage and Inkblot Art Academy, while the second map rotation includes Humpback Pump Track and Moray Towers.

The full version of Splatoon 2 launches on July 21. The game is touted as the next major title for Nintendo Switch. Interested players can now pre-order the title.