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Sperm donor can’t get enough: “I have at least 550 kids” | news


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Hack – It’s not the summer weather that makes Jonathan Jacob Meijer, 42, sweat, but the question about his children: “How many German children do you have?”

The Dutchman sits at a beach bar in The Hague (Netherlands), ponders, raises his cheeks, and finally says: “50, not 40.” But a day later he corrected himself via WhatsApp: “It’s about 80.” Major sperm donor. , there are at least 550 children – with whom the entire ICE can be filled.

His donations were sent all over the world. It is impossible to say with certainty how many children were actually born out of it. Mostly live in Netherlands (375), Germany (80) and Belgium (35). Argentina (4) and Australia (2).

One after the other: Since 2007, Meijer has registered as a donor in eleven clinics, sperm bank Cryos and Facebook groups – thus fulfilling the wish of hundreds of women and couples for children.

But he lied to everyone! I will only donate to the clinics he mentioned. He was tricked into believing that he had “only” ten children, even though he already had hundreds of them.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer (right) shows the verdict to BILD reporter Hartmut Wagner. It prevents fathering more children through sperm donation

Photo: Patrick Fouad

Meijer loves babies, babies and more babies. Why? What does it need?

BILD met him for an interview. Father of 550 arrives in Hawaiian shirt and speaks for four hours: “I want to do something important with my life. Yes, I lied to women. It was wrong. I wanted to help them.”

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This is the way he sees things: he only talks about whom he “helped” – and incredibly many women will not condemn his “help”. What is his relationship with his children? “I want to meet her. But in terms of feeling, it’s like my nephews and nieces. Otherwise, it’s too emotional for me.

Meijer comes from a family of eight children. He worked as a social studies teacher until 2010, then as a postman and cryptocurrency consultant.

Seed bank Cryos sold its donations for around 1300 euros each. He himself distributes them for free, he says. “I don’t ask for anything, but sometimes I get 75 euros, a plane ticket or a camera for free. Absolutely not clear!

The child’s mother sees the danger of sex

So a mother sued Meijer at the civil court in The Hague in April. He also accused her of increasing the risk of adulteration because of her urge to procreate. She was right! Amazing Verdict (available to BILD): Meijer is no longer allowed to donate. If he does it anyway, he will have to pay a fine of 100,000 euros.

The plaintiff was supported by the Donorkind organization. His boss Dice van der Meer (44), himself a donor child and the father of 18 donor children, told BILD: “Major is irresponsible! According to the verdict, he has 550 children. He wants to set a record, and I’m afraid he has 1000 children today.

Dice van der Meer (44), head of Donarkind;

Dice van der Meer (44), head of the Donarkind organization, told BILD: “It’s irresponsible to do Meijer!”

Photo: Patrick Fouad

With 1,000 children, Meijer is the 2nd most successful father, according to Wikipedia – behind Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, who reportedly had 2,000 children. Meanwhile, 157 mothers of Meijer’s children have joined a Facebook group called “Donorkind 102 JJM.”

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And Meier? Keep donating! But only for women who have already had one of their children and want one more – she says. It also allows judgment. Last week, Meijer “helped” the Dutch woman. Next week he flies to Serbia and Italy to visit the mothers of his children.

This is how the single sees his future: “I want to start a family, the dream of five children.”

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