Sources say the ACC will discuss the expansion in a phone call on Friday

Andrea AdelsonSenior writer for ESPNAugust 31, 2023 at 06:22 PM ET2 minutes read

Multiple sources told ESPN that ACC chairmen and advisors are scheduled to hold a conference call Friday morning to discuss expansion again.

While it remains unclear if there will be enough votes to add Cal, Stanford and SMU, there is hope for a resolution to the month-long talks. The call to the president was initially supposed to take place on Monday, but was delayed after a North Carolina State faculty member was shot dead on campus.

Four schools opposed the additions: Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, and NC State. The ACC needs 12 of the 15 schools to vote yes to expand.

Sources said the ACC will not hold a formal vote until Commissioner Jim Phillips knows they have the 12 yes needed to approve the expansion. There is vague optimism from schools in the West, who are simultaneously making plans to vote yes but not sure whether to vote or not.

Multiple sources have indicated that all eyes in the ACC are on North Carolina. The Wolfpack has always been seen as the most vulnerable of the four Mavericks. But multiple sources said there was no conclusive indication as of Thursday night that Chancellor Randy Woodson had changed his vote.

There are also political factors at play in North Carolina and the state of North Carolina. The two schools generally vote the same way, as was the case the first time an informal poll was conducted three weeks ago. But the sources indicated that they do not necessarily need to vote as a bloc.

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Discussions about adding the three schools have gained momentum over the past week after a new financial model was introduced to help alleviate the concerns of the four schools that opposed it.

Sources indicated that SMU would not get the TV money for seven years, while Stanford and Cal would get 30 percent. This is expected to generate a pool of $50 to $60 million annually to be divided among the ACC schools. Some of this will be distributed to all members, and the rest will be put into a bucket for success initiatives.

It remains to be seen if this additional money will be enough to get the 12 votes. If votes are in for expansion, Cal, Stanford, and SMU are expected to enter for the 2024-25 season in all sports. The potential move comes after the Pac-12 surged on the heels of eight schools leaving in recent weeks.

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