Sony, the Japanese multinational has teased ‘something new’ for its popular gaming console – PlayStation and the speculations about this new feature have started taking the international market by storm. As revealed by the Japanese conglomerate today, at company’s European PlayStation tweeter account, “We are gearing up for publishing of something new for the PlayStation.” The announcement also has been accompanied by a gif of red cloth blanketing up some unnamed object. Moreover, the firm also has released a video clip, teasing the new feature of the PlayStation which is currently circulating on Facebook.

For now, the North American social channels of PlayStation have not oriented the tease, which means the awaiting declaration may only be relevant to European markets. Apart from this, the new teaser also suggested that what Sony has veiled in its cover is few and far between. Up to now, Sony hasn’t announced a Gamescom press conference, which means it is not bringing some kind of surprise very soon. However, the firm is much likely to publish the teaser to take the attention away from Microsoft’s recently launched Xbox One X.

Yesterday during the Gamescom press event, Microsoft opened the pre-orders for its much awaited Xbox One X special edition, which is expected to give the PlayStation of Sony an antagonistic competition in the near future. And keeping an eye on that competition, Sony is estimated to put the new teaser about its PlayStation so that the lion portion of buyers’ attention will stick to its gaming console, rather than Microsoft’s.

Beyond this, Sony has revealed absolutely nothing to go gaga over. However, that also failed to stop the wild speculation of marketers and gamers globally. As claimed and anticipated by some internal sources, the red cloth, teased by Sony in the teaser video clip seems to cover a physical object, which is indicating the next console of PlayStation to have a portable gadget. A much more sensible supposition can be some type of Knack-only console which pledges to preserve the conjecture that is Knack for the future gen gaming consoles.

As Sony’s upcoming PS5 or PlayStation 5 is on the way and is expected to mark its commercial debut by the end of this year, we can expect the so-called ‘something new’ feature to ship soon. Nevertheless, as everyone this time is talking about Microsoft’s Xbox One X and its premium features, Sony need to strike back the popularity of its rival brand with an exhilarating and innovative console of its own, and for this, nothing what can be the right time than this for Sony to bring a new gaming console to hit back Microsoft.