Sony has planned an elite and high-end profile of games to be released as the New Year approaches. The year 2018 shall mark the beginning of an insight into new games that would make any gaming enthusiast jump with excitement. The most awaited of them all is the game God of War. The new leaked dates suggest that the PlayStation store might release the same much sooner than anticipated. Sony hasn’t yet confirmed the same but a small update on the PlayStation store page provided the date of release of this spectacular game. According to the page, the game is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2018. This date aligns with the prior announcement of release date in the first half of the year 2018.

As soon as the change in the date was noticed by PlayStation store officials, the date was shifted back to the original December 31, 2018, for the game. Now, there might be two possibilities. The first being that the post was a glitch and the second being Sony wants to keep the new release date a secret until the right time. The date changed for a brief moment but it reached the gamers and now fans are making numerous speculations regarding the release. The changed date March 22nd falls on a Thursday and no game has ever been released on this day unless absolutely necessary. The tradition follows games being released either on Tuesday or Friday for the games that are high profile.

The date, March 22nd has a lot of significance as the last God of War game from the franchise was released the same date back in the year 2005. This might be the release a brief change in the date was seen. Fans speculate that maybe Sony along with Santa Monica Studio intends to bring the second part of the game to a full circle by releasing it on the same date as the first.

If rumors and this brief change are to be taken into consideration, the official announcement of the release date might soon be done by Sony. The upcoming weekend is booked for the PlayStation Experience event by Sony which might hold numerous announcements prepared for the press conference. God of War shall be the first significant release in the year 2018 for PS4. The release date announcement could define all that Santa Monica Studio brings for its gamers.

Even if Sony refrains from putting up a closer release date on God of War, fans are sure to expect some new footage from this game. This is the very last chance for the studio to pitch the features of this game to make a good sell out of God of War. Apart from this game, other releases are Days Gone, The Last of Us Part 2, and Spider-man.