ChinaJoy the most awaited digital exhibition is held annually in Shanghai, China. Being the biggest ever digital entertainment expo, it has gathered a lot of attention since its inception. The most exciting thing about this event, this year, is the participation of the brand Sony. The brand will host a two-hour conference revolving around PlayStation. This year’s ChinaJoy will be held on August 1st, at 5:30 PM GMT.

Currently, Sony has not revealed what it’s going to show at its lengthy press conference. Let’s just suppose there will be news that is specifically relevant to their Chinese market. For example, there may be news concerning updates of the PlayStation sponsored China Hero Project that will make the show stopper. As per the list of this initiative on PlayStation’s Asia website, Chinese game developers are provided support by the China Hero Project. The project also supports start-up developers partially who plan on developing their work for the global as well the Chinese market.

Now, as we know Sony ditched the gaming conference, E2019, held in Los Angeles this year for the very first time in the history of 24 years, they did promise fans they would explore “new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019”. However, they haven’t had any major press conferences yet.

The mention of PlayStation 5 will remain the biggest question in Sony’s conference theme, as the release of the next-gen console is expected by next year. We can suppose that Sony will take its time in front of the worldwide audience to tease the release of PS5, just like Microsoft did for its Xbox project Scarlett console at E3. However, for Sony to hint at its oncoming console would mean shifting from its pattern. Like Sony hinted the release of PS4 in February 2013 while having a standalone event in New York City before eventually releasing it in the same year in November.
So it is a given that it will most probably avoid announcing the release of PS5 a year before its release.

Two hours is plenty of time to host a press conference and announce new reveals, so there is still hope of a lot more taking place during the event. The only drawback of the event will be the lack of western titles. While most of the games that sony reveals that day will be for the Chinese PlayStation market but there is still a possibility that western countries will also get their hands on some of the games to be announced that day.

Whatever surprise Sony has in its pockets-or not, it is still going to be exciting to observe new game reveals. There can be something for everyone regardless of the conference being centered on the Chinese PlayStation market.