Sony just released a new firmware update for its PlayStation 4 console. The latest PS4 firmware update 4.74 is primarily aimed at improving the overall performance of your console. However, it does not arrive with any new or additional features. The full changelog for the update reads ‘This system software update improves system performance’.

 To install the update, just head over to Settings> Software Update, and simply follow the instructions that pop-up on the screen. Finally, apply the new firmware version 4.73 on your PS4 console without deleting or modifying any saved data or Settings.

 For some reason if your PlayStation 4 can’t download the update automatically, there’s another way to download and install the update using a USB drive. To do so, the first step is to create a folder named “PS4” on the USB stick using your PC. Then inside that folder, you’ll have to create another folder named “UPDATE”. Then download the update file, and save it in the “UPDATE” folder you created earlier. Then save the file with the file name “PS4UPDATE.PUP”. Finally, Connect the USB storage device on to your PS4 console, and then from the functions menu, select Settings> System Software Update.

While the latest PS4 update 4.74 doesn’t come with any features. But the good news is that a major PS4 update is on its way. Sony has already revealed details about the forthcoming PS4 5.0 update, which is currently under beta testing. As far as features go, the upcoming PS4 5.0 update offers the option for improved quality streaming on the PS4 Pro. It also brings a new Group feature to the friends list along with enhanced parental controls, as well as new information to the Quick Menu. Elsewhere, the PSVR is expected to show comments while broadcasting, while the PS4 Pro is likely to get 1080p Twitch streaming at 60fps.