Communication is the most integral part of day-to-day life. Be it any deal, conference, or expressing thoughts, communication acts as the bottom line. To ease out the communication process and to make things execute faster, the mediums of communication are being technically developed. The digital communication platform includes- sending emails, social networking, video calling, etc.

The importance of video calling                                                       

It eliminates the need to travel to see a person thereby saving a lot of money and time. It also makes the business meeting run quickly on the go over video conferencing applications. The workforce of a business house may be scattered around the city. In this situation, video calls allow the company to globally bind the workforce. It works as an essential tool to aid telecommuting. Most importantly, video calling humanizes the communication, making it lively and more emotion attached. As seeing is believing, through video calls people can see things before a transaction. Through video calls, people can learn from far away experts.

Skype vs WhatsApp

 The Skype software facilitates user conversation with anyone across the globe. Many individuals and businesses use Skype to make free video one-to-one or group calls, send instant messages to others, and share files. Skype can be used on a computer, tablet, and even on smartphones. It is both free to download and to use.

On the contrary, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that lets the user communicate with his/her phone contacts. Apart from messaging and sharing media files, a user can share contacts and his/her live location over the app. It also facilitates video calls but unlike Skype, WhatsApp only supports one-to-one video communication and does not support group video calls. Unlike Skype, WhatsApp can only be used on smartphones. WhatsApp is also free to download and use.

A Brief Comparision

In terms of mobility, Skype is ideal for the computer users who want to enjoy stability, good features, and quality in the communication. On the other hand, WhatsApp is more preferred by smartphone users.

In terms of quality of calls, Skype calls are much better in quality than that of WhatsApp, provided the other factors that affect call quality are also favorable.

In terms of ease of access, WhatsApp can be contacted almost instantly.

In terms of cost of data consumption, Skype consumes more data than WhatsApp but comes with a better call quality.