PUBG Mobile is not only a solid port but it has some good features which the main game too don’t have. The changes that PUBG mobile do to the game as it battles the game Fortnite. The six features which are present in PUBG make it stand out from the original game.

Mobile games app usually use the log in bonuses for the players so that they will keep playing the game every day. PlayerUnknown ’s battlegrounds have an in-game currency earring which can be used at the end of matches. This currency can be used to buy loot crates with clothing. PUBG mobile also gives the currency at the end of the game which can be used to buy items with daily log-in. This is not the perfect solution but could help players avoid crates altogether.

PUBG mobile mission gives its players some micro-goals like surviving for a certain amount of time or by playing a number of matches with their friends. This experience is welcomed by players and if this feature is added to the main game which may encourage players to switch their playstyle and some more variety.

You sometimes meet some good players online and Crew of PUBG Mobile has an answer to it. They have better answer to keep the players together and organize matches.

The Battlegrounds players always get killed when they look at their maps or sometimes get lost by following the compass. PUBG Mobile has solutions to this problems and it solves the problem by making the scale of the map to a small size and the map stays still on the screen without blocking your screen. The compass indicators of PUBG Mobile shows us the distance and say us how far away we are from the market. It also has large, clear markers next to the teammates and say us how close or far are we from them.

PUBG Mobile has added a good feature as auto loot system which allows you to line up your priorities like guns, armor, backpacks, and boosters. When it will find the comparable items it will automatically attach to your weapons.

PUBG Mobile is introducing bots so that players will boot up a local game with bots and can learn about maps and test weapons in a friendly environment.