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There’s no doubt that the 49ers’ roster is loaded with talent, but how valuable is San Francisco’s star-studded group?

While the 49ers are undoubtedly involved in pursuing the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl championship, let’s imagine an alternate universe where they look to demolish. What kind of loot could they get in return if they traded their stars?

In his last column, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell took a look Every player in the NFL currently believes he or she deserves at least a first-round pick. Spoiler alert: The 49ers have not one, not two, not three… but six.

Two first-round picks and more: De Nick Bosa

“Outside of the torn ACL that cost him most of the 2020 season, Bosa’s resume is spotless,” Barnwell writes. “He won Defensive Rookie of the Year and Cup Defensive Player of the Year honors before even turning 26, has averaged 13.5 sacks in 17 games and is widely viewed as an excellent two-way defender.”

One first-round pick and more: LB Fred Warner, RB Christian McCaffrey

“[Warner] “He’s one of the few players who has really transcended his positional value,” Barnwell explains.

“You could say the same thing about McCaffrey, who has reached new levels since joining the 49ers in a much smaller trade package last year. The draft capital the 49ers ultimately sent amounted to something resembling a first-round pick, but it should be He deserves more after dominating the league with a San Francisco uniform.”

One pick for the first round: WR Brandon Aiyuk, S Talanoa Hufanga, QB Brock Purdy

“Aiyuk has come into his own this season,” Barnwell adds. “He’s averaging just under 4.0 yards per route, and while that ridiculous efficiency won’t continue, his numbers will look nuclear if he’s in an offense that requires him to run more routes.

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“Hufanga revealed himself as a defensive playmaker and penalty artist in his first season as a starter a year ago, when he was named first-team player.

“Purdy will make less than $3 million over the next three years combined. He may not be the best quarterback in football as QBR suggests, but if he’s a solid starter, this is the biggest deal in the league between now and 2025.”

Believe it or not, the 49ers have more star players who could command significant capital. However, Barnwell believes they are not living up to the price of a first-round pick.

Lost: OT Trent Williams, TE George Kittle, WR Deebo Samuel, LB Dre Greenlaw, DT Javon Hargrave, CB Sharvarius Ward

The 49ers have one of, if not the, best rosters in the NFL, and appear poised for success for years to come. But if they reverse course and get demolished in a stunning turn of events, the rebuilding process could be accelerated with seven potential first-round picks and an abundance of other venture capital.

It’s safe to say that no player, coach, executive or member of the 49ers Faithful wants or expects that to happen anytime soon.

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