The hacking group, going by the name of ​Shiny Hunters​, is on the loose, On May 3rd, 2020, it was reported that the group filtered the ​darkweb​marketplace with database information which was hacked from nearly 11 different companies. The group is leaking the data and providing it for sale over the​ darkweb.​Shiny Hunters​ are being accused of having stolen private data from as many as 73.2 million users across the internet.


This is not the first data heist by the group. ​Shiny Hunters ​have previous data hacks allegations under their wing.

● The same group was involved in the Tokopedia data breach scam; it had leaked the data from over 91 million users across the platform above. The leaked data was put on sale at the ​Dark Web ​for $5000.

● Shiny Hunters had invaded the Indian company Unacademy; they exposed the data from nearly 22 million users across the database; they put it on sale for $2000.

● The group is also under accusations of having stolen 500 GB worth of data from GitHub, a platform owned by Microsoft.

Hackers Selling Passwords

In the recent scandal caused by ​Shiny Hunters​, the platforms which are targeted include HomeChef ( a food delivery company), ChatBooks(a photo printing company) and Chronicle.com.

The quoted price for the sale of the leaked data stands at $1500, and the hacked dump contains 3M worth of data and information. Shiny Hunters ​are also involved in selling passwords over the ​Dark Web.

The list published by Bleeping Computer

In a conversation with Bleeping Computer, the group has revealed that they have more databases under their possession; they plan on selling that information from the breached sites soon in future.

The list of user records’ pricing details –
● Homechef – $2500 ● ChatBooks – $3500 ● Chronicle – $1500 ● Mindful – $1300 ● Bhinneka – $1200

Stay Protected

To protect their private and vital data, users are requested to change their login information and to modify their passwords. They should stay safe and remain alert.