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Selenskiv: 52 children have died so far: President’s wife Selenska accuses Russia of “mass murder”.


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Selenskyj: So far 52 children have died
The president’s wife, Selenska, accused Russia of “mass murder.”

In an open letter, Olena Zhelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Zhelensky, declared that Ukraine wants peace but will never surrender. Russia’s attack “massacred peaceful people”. Her husband talks about “deliberate, systematic torture.”

The wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has reiterated her demand for the establishment of a nationwide anti-flying zone. “Close heaven and we will create it ourselves on earth,” Olina Zhelenska wrote in an open letter issued by the Presidential Office in Kiev.

Ukraine wants peace. “But Ukraine will defend itself and never surrender.” The Russian invasion was a “massacre of peaceful people.” “Eight-year-old Alice … died on the streets of Oktirka, and her grandfather tried to protect her,” he wrote. “Polina from Kiev with her parents died in the shelling”. “The 14-year-old Arseni’s head was damaged and he could not be rescued because an ambulance could not reach him in time due to the severe fire.” When Russia says “no war on civilians,” I say first the names of the children who were killed.

The war in Ukraine is not a war “somewhere”. “This is a war in Europe and on the borders of the European Union,” she said. There is no safe place if Russian President Vladimir Putin does not stop. “I know it sounds like a nightmare. But this is our new reality. We live in it. We do not know how long it will last. But we will definitely succeed.”

Hours after delivering a speech to the UK Parliament, Ukrainian President Zelensky released a new video of a speech welcoming the news that the United States and the United Kingdom would impose a ban on Russian oil imports. He said: “You can find another gas station.” Zelenskyy added that there would be a “new martial plan for Ukraine”.

“Monsters are not ready”

Reporting on the destruction of a shelter in the Stomir area by the Russian invasion, the President said that a humanitarian corridor had been established from Sumi to Boltawa. “Hundreds of people have been rescued and humanitarian aid has been provided. But this is still part of what needs to be done and what the trapped Ukrainians expect.”

Zhelensky repeatedly blamed Russia for the bombing of humanitarian corridors. “Our cargo is ready, our transport is ready, but the monsters are not ready. They are shooting in the exit lanes, preventing them from delivering essential supplies and medicines.” He spoke of “planned and organized torture by their government.” Zhelensky continued that 52 children had been killed so far in the 13-day war.

Zelenskyy spoke of the courage of the Russians who took to the streets for Ukraine. “They fight every day for us and for themselves.” The Russian civil rights group Owd-Info has counted more than 13,400 arrests in anti-war protests in Russia since the start of the war on February 24. “The war must end,” Zelenskyj said. “We have to sit at the negotiating table.”

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