The Woolwich Crown Court which is in the capital’s Royal Courts of Justice has issued the search warrant after a long five-hour hearing. The UK’s data protection regulator ICO wants to raid the offices of the Cambridge Analytica to see whether the firm has copies of millions of Facebook users data which was collected by them illegally without the user’s consent.

Ben Summers who is barrister arguing for the ICO’s case told the court that “There are a number of hurdles which the ICO must cross in order for the warrant to be issued. One of the questions arises as to the satisfaction of court in the evidence which is the subject of the application.”

Cambridge Analytica also sent two top barristers to argue against the ICO’s. According to them the application for the warrant was flawed. CA had allowed ICO to access its offices with the subject to agreeing to the terms and access with the regulator.

The warrants issued under the Blighty’s Data Protection Act by law requires that the receiving end is given seven days of notice in writing. It also gives chance to argue against the warrant if they want to. The hearing from SCLE for past few weeks and negotiations, ICO’s patience was finally broken and they issued the warrant proceedings and approval. SCLE is a British company who is behind them known world+dog as Cambridge Analytica. Many people speculated about the issue of the warrant as it comes very late. They believe that the time that is taken to issue warrants may be allowed the company to remove all the important evidence from regulators view.