Sea of Thieves servers for Xbox One and PC are down due to some major maintenance in order to sort out the game’s  startup issues. The team is looking to make the game sail like a steady ship after a rocky release earlier this month. The maintenance update is taken by Microsoft and Rare together.

The game is facing the issues like failed connections and DLC loot once it get launched. The teams from Microsoft and Rare are working to sort this issue as soon as possible. The maintenance is scheduled for today and it may go on for five hours to solve this issue.

The Sea of Thieves server will down from around 9 AM GMT or 2 AM PT/ 5 AM ET for United States people. The timing shows that the tech giant Microsoft is getting ready for a big show tonight. It is the time when most of the gamers will be online. In the peak times of the game, one can see a high volume of players joining the game which leads to strain in their server services. The Sea of Thieves server will be in red mode until 2 PM GMT or 7 AM PT/ 10 AM ET in the United States.

The latest maintenance will be ending in a new update for MMO. Microsoft did not confirm it but it revealed about the priorities that they will be fixing. The top issue of the players is they cannot get into the game during the peak hours. According to Microsoft, it confirmed that “They are trying to improve it so that players can easily join in the peak time. There may be some cases where we need to temporarily halt the incoming players to maintain the quality of the experience for the people already in and playing.”  The company added by asking all to bear with them as work is going on to fix this problem.