Sea of Thieves is finally launched on Xbox One. According to some reports, there are some issues which arise in the Sea of Thieves game.  Rare is addressing this issues and they are fixing the breakdown. Rare has rolled out a developer update about 10-minute which let players know that their concerns about the game and the team are continuously working on fixes.

Sea of Thieves was out since a few days back but the players are now starting to face some issues with this online multiplayer game. The servers are crashing, rewards are not getting the trigger and some virtual pirates have got a bit salty over the game’s rough launch. These type of issues happened when the game is not tested before the launch but this is not the case of Sea of Thieves. They have done a series of beta test of this game and then they realized the game.

The online multiplayer games are the games which can never be predicted to work efficiently once it goes online and it gets flooded with a huge number of online players. The six key areas that are addressed in the video which is realized by Rare. You can visit their official blog to know about the updates on the issues and the advice for the same.

Rare’s first aim is to make all the players log into the Sea of Thieves and play the game but till the issue of login gets solved they recommend to jump with a crew that has already formed. Secondly, the issue with rewards not unlocking is addressed by asking all the players to keep playing the game without logging out of the game. If you log out of the game the rewards may go away from you. The third issue is about the Achievements which are not unlocking and this issue is going to get an address in its next update. The fourth issue is the missing of items when players logged out from the game and fix this problem is coming in next week patch. The fifth issue is about general performance issues and this issue is going to address on next week’s patch. The last issue is about not receiving the in-game entitlements and they have deactivated this patch until next update.