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A new “quasi-moon” has been discovered near Earth and has been traveling alongside our planet since 100 BC

Scientists recently discovered an asteroid that aligns with Earth during its annual journey around the sun. Dubbed 2023 FW13, the space rock is considered...

NASA said Boeing is facing “emerging issues” ahead of the first crewed flight of its Starliner capsule in July.

Boeing still has some work to do to get the astronaut taxi ready for its first short crewed flight this summer.This mission, called Crew...

SpaceX Dragon capsule carrying private Ax-2 astronauts splashes off Florida coast (VIDEO)

The four astronauts on the private Ax-2 mission returned to Earth in a SpaceX Dragon capsule late Tuesday night (May 30).That dragon, called Freedom,...

Detection of giant reptiles that roamed the skies of Australia 107 million years ago | Paleontology

Researchers have confirmed after examining fossils that the oldest flying reptiles in Australia took to the skies about 107 million years ago.Paleontologists have analyzed...

The Japanese Ispace moon lander has crashed due to a software glitch

Why it matters: Learning and improving.A review of the data showed that the software directing the descent appeared to have lost track of the...

The Mars Helicopter has been silent for six sols, endangering the Perseverance rover • The Register

NASA disclosed a six-day period during which it was unable to communicate...

DNA reveals a new twist in the human origin story

A study published in the journal nature He proposed a new model of human evolution, asserting that modern Homo sapiens arose from genetically diverse...


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