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In the war in Ukraine, the Russian military is struggling with problems. Russia wants to be ready for talks – but Kiev is skeptical: news ticker.

Update from 7 am on Thursday, August 4: Kyiv doubts Russia’s willingness to negotiate. Above all, heavy fighting continues in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. In the neighboring towns of Pakmut and Soledor to the east and south, the Russian offensive was repulsed in eight divisions, Ukrainian civil servants said on Facebook on Wednesday. Russian troops have attempted to attack five divisions in the north, east and south of the industrial city of Avdiivka, which is controlled by Ukrainian units. All were driven away. Information cannot be independently verified. Avdiivka is located near Donetsk.

Along the entire front in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Cherson, and Mykolayiv, Russian artillery fired dozens of shots at Ukrainian positions. According to the situation report, another Russian ground offensive in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson failed. Additionally, there is talk of massive Russian airstrikes.

Ukraine War: Schröder “Herald of the Reich and Voice of the Russian Tsar’s Court”

+++ 9:51 PM: Mykhailo Podolyak, Putin’s adviser and close confidant, doubts Russia’s interest in peace talks in the Ukraine war. Former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was “a well-known emissary of the Reich and a voice in the Russian Tsar’s court,” he wrote on Twitter.

Vladimir Putin and Hegard Schröder
No change of heart: Former chancellor Schröder wants to continue using his contacts in the Kremlin. (Archive image with Vladimir Putin) © Bernd Settnik/dpa

Ukraine War: Russia Plans to Attack President Zelensky’s Hometown

+++ 6.16 pm: Russia launches new offensive in southern Ukraine According to reports, the Kremlin wanted to attack President Volodymyr Zelensky’s hometown ARD. The city, known for its steel production, is 50 kilometers from the Southern Front.

+++ 3.20 pm: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for China to remain neutral in the Ukraine conflict. “I’ll tell you the truth, this neutrality is better than China aligning with Russia,” the president said through an interpreter from Ukraine. “It’s important to us that China doesn’t help Russia.” China may join the US and Australia in condemning the war. Among other things, it was reported ZDF.

Ukraine war: Russian-controlled nuclear plant ‘out of control’

+++ 2 PM: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said that the Russian-occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is “out of control”. Rafael Mariano Grossi, head of the IAEA, said that “the seven essential pillars of nuclear safety and security have been violated” at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

Ukraine war: US at odds with Russia – Putin’s military has problems

+++ 1 PM: Pentagon points Independence of Kiev According to Russian claims about the destruction of Himars in Ukraine.

Pentagon spokesman Todd Prezeal denied reports that Russia had destroyed six US-made Himars sent to Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Ukrainian counteroffensive poses problems for Russia

+++ 10.40 am: According to British intelligence services, Ukrainian counterattacks in the Cherson region of southeastern Ukraine are causing increasing problems for the Russian occupiers. A Ukrainian attack on a Russian ammunition train temporarily disrupted a supply route from the occupied Crimea peninsula, the British Ministry of Defense said in an update on Wednesday. Even if the Russians could repair the route within a few days, it would be a weak point.

Antonivka Bridge, damaged by Ukrainian missiles, makes it difficult for Moscow to supply its occupying forces west of the Dnipro River. The Russians were to use the recently established ferry route to transport their troops and supplies across the river. According to Western security sources, the Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson has recently gained momentum.

War in Ukraine: Russia demands responsible behavior from nuclear powers

Updated from Wednesday, August 03, 07:15: Russia has urged nuclear powers to “behave cautiously and responsibly” in the face of war in Ukraine. “The Russian Federation firmly believes that it cannot win a nuclear war. And it should never be fought,” Igor Vishnevetsky, deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s arms control department, told the UN in New York on Tuesday (local time). Speech.

At the same time, Vishnevetsky also said that Russia was exposed to a military campaign in Ukraine “with a decline in direct armed conflict between nuclear powers.” At the start of the conference on Monday, Russia was slammed by many countries over nuclear threats in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine War News: US Secretary of State Blinken comments on “nuclear accident”.

+++ 1.45 pm: Despite the lack of major successes in recent weeks, everything is going according to plan for the Russian military in eastern Ukraine. “After taking control of the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic, the Donetsk People’s Republic will be liberated according to the plan,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the agency on Tuesday. Interfax According to In early July, Russia announced it was seizing the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk – but since then relatively small gains have been made in neighboring Donetsk region. Shoigu listed six towns in Donetsk that his forces were said to have last captured. Statements by the Russian Defense Minister contradict data reported daily by Ukrainian civil servants: According to this, more than 41,000 Russian soldiers have already died in the war in Ukraine. However, both reports from Kiev and Moscow come from warring factions and are therefore not independently verified.

Ukraine war news: Kiev criticizes Moscow for nuclear threat

Update from Tuesday, August 2, 6:30 am: Kiev has been critical of Moscow for its implicit threats to use nuclear weapons during Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. “The world is seeing how nuclear terrorism supported by a nuclear-armed state becomes a reality,” Deputy Foreign Minister Mykola Dositskyi said at the opening of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference on Monday (local time). In New York, according to the speech. Strong collective action is needed to prevent nuclear catastrophe. Ukrainian No-fly zones should be set up over nuclear power plants.Aggressor Russia should not get away with invading Ukraine because it has nuclear weapons.

Ukraine War News: New US Rocket Launchers for Ukrainian Army

+++ 2.45 pm: Russian troops are currently preparing for an offensive in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine. According to a study by the American Think Tank for the Study of War, However, this will fail.

Updated from 6 am on Monday, August 1, 2022: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has threatened consequences for Russia after the rocket attack. “Any Russian attack will not be answered by our military and secret service agents,” Zelensky insisted, referring to the Mykolaiv shelling. In the language of his video, he remembered Oleksiy Vadaturskyj, the owner of one of the Ukrainian grain trading companies, who was killed in the southern Ukrainian city. Meanwhile, on the eve of the war’s 159th day, airstrikes rang out across Ukraine.

+++ 11.30 am: The Russian Navy is scheduled to receive the Zirkon hypersonic cruise missiles in the coming months. This was said by Russian President Vladimir Putin His “Navy Day” speech in St. PetersburgLike a news agency Reuters reported. “The frigate Admiral Gorshkov will be the first to engage in combat with these impressive weapons,” he said, praising the missiles as unique in the world.

Ukraine War News: Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ Attacked By Drone

+++ 07.45 am: The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet appears to have been hit by a drone. The governor of the city of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvoszajiv, announced on Twitter that five employees of the headquarters were injured in the attack. “Early this morning, Ukrainian nationalists decided to spoil our Navy Day,” Rasvozhayev stressed. “Navy Day” celebrations take place this Sunday primarily in St. Petersburg.. Military achievements should be honored as well On May 9, “Victory Day” over Nazi Germany.

+++ 5.30 am: It comes early in the morning in Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine to attacks by the Russian army. The mayor asked people to go to shelters.

First report on Sunday, July 31, 5:00 am: Donetsk – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj It has called on people to leave Donetsk immediately. He justified this with the Russian military’s massive rocket fire over the entire Donbass. On Saturday evening (July 30) he said in a video message that it was no longer safe. “There are hundreds of thousands of people in Donbas, tens of thousands of children, and many refuse to leave.”

He urged the people of Donbass to make this decision. “Trust me,” he pleaded. “If more people leave the Donetsk region, the Russian army can kill fewer people.” The government in Kiev had earlier ordered an official evacuation because citizens needed to get to safety in time before winter. Gas lines destroyed by Russian missiles make heating in Donbas almost impossible. Zelenskyj insisted that everything was arranged for the evacuation of people from parts of the region still controlled by Ukraine. “Break up, we’ll help.” (tu/tvd/nak with dpa/AFP)

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