Scholes was silent on the Holocaust comparison: Baerbock shows how plain text works! | Politics

Scholes was silent on the Holocaust comparison |

Perak shows the president how plain text works

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After the scandal in the presidential palace, many questions remain unanswered, including: Why did President Olaf Scholes (64, SPD) remain silent during his tenure as Palestinian president? Mahmood Abbas (87) Associated with the Holocaust? Why did he shake hands after that?

The truth is: Schalls could have learned from the Vice Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary how to speak plain language in tricky situations. Both have proved this in their recent overseas trips.

Annalena Baerbach in Turkey

Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach (41, Greens) clashed with her counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu (54) in front of the cameras during her visit to Turkey at the end of July.

Questions about northern Syria, human rights, the island dispute with the Greeks, the PKK terrorist organization and the Kurdish-Syrian YPG militia got down to business. The wind burned again and again.

Nevertheless, Beyerbach kept his cool and deftly brushed off baseless accusations from his Turkish counterpart (“I believe there’s a translation error here!”) — and repeatedly put him in his place by insisting that we listen to each other. , maybe even if your ears hurt.

In retrospect, Slugfest had both praise (from the Turkish opposition) and criticism (from Turkish society).

Habek with the Palestinians

Federal Economy Minister and Deputy Chancellor Robert Habeck (52, Greens) spoke plainly to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtajeh (64) during a visit to Ramallah in early June.

Habek visited the West Bank city of Ramallah in early June, and Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtajeh said: “Stop the violence against Israel!”

Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa

After Schtaje’s one-sided statements and accusations, Habeck clarified: “(…) I understand that the loss of innocent people worries you and weighs on your soul, but (…) I think stopping violence also means work. In your own garden, To stop those responsible for the murder (…).” He called on Shtaje: “Stop the violence in Israel, it brings more and more problems.” And: “The flip side to this (…) goes everywhere. (…) Use your influence on those you can influence to stop the killing.”

That is the only way to a peaceful future.

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