Samsung’s own Virtual Assistant Bixby was debuted last year with Galaxy S8. The start for the Bixby is slow but the virtual assistant has made a lot of progress. A new advanced Bixby is said to be arrived along with Galaxy S9. The new Samsung’s latest phones are equipped with Bixby and you need to show or tell Bixby about the work.

You can use Bixby just by pressing the button that is present on the left side of the handset and you need to say about the things that you are interested. You can use the improved service integration with S9’s camera by opening the camera app then taping the Bixby Vision icon. When the icon will open, you will see about eight Bixby Vision modes. These modes range from food to makeup.

The Bixby can be set up by giving the command. Before you setup Bixby, you need to register your Galaxy phone with the Artificial-Intelligence platform. This will help Bixby to learn your activities, condition and will help in anticipating your desires. When you start Bixby you need to say about the language that Bixby will be using. There are over 20 languages available for Bixby. After some training for Bixby to recognize you’re your voice you are all set to use it.

Bixby is made especially for Samsung devices and can handle your command and let you control your phone without making you endlessly tap on the screen. You can command Bixby to add events to your calendars, launch the camera, turn on the alarm and many more. The Bixby also includes the voice functions for the third-party apps like Instagram, Twitter and Google offerings.