The Samsung SmartThings and Harmon have associated with each other to improve the SmartThings standard. Samsung SmartThings R&D team and HARMAN Connected Services(HCS), announced today that they will collaborate to develop HCS and support SmartThings applications and device development.

Samsung had purchased the Internet of Things darling SmartThings in 2014 to a tune of around $200 million. It is observed that the Samsung is slowly expanding the product line and constantly working to improve the services given to various Samsung product.

Harman, which is also a Samsung company, is going to take the SmartThings development works which include the development and deploying of the SmartThings app. It will also work on third-party sensors and to develop the SmartThings roadmap. The platform for the SmartThings is over 1 million homes and over 10million devices are connected to the cloud. The companies said that they will accelerate the adaptation and solution development for the industries.

The Samsung acquired Harman for $8 billion during last year and is adopting US firm’s solutions into the company own portfolio. Samsung is working consistently to bring SmartThings and Harman to the smart TV. The Harman’s audio is used by the firm as a companion piece for Cinema LED solution. Consumers can also use 2018 model TV to control the connected devices through SmartThings app. Samsung is planning to launch An AI speaker into the IoT ecosystem, which will improve Harman’s audio skill.

SmartThings company raised about $3 million seed during 2012. When the IoT wars are on high Samsung purchased the company. it is seen that SmartThings is lagging behind the company like Alexa and Google Home whose popularity has grown to a high level. It is now the work of Harman to make SmartThings popular and fulfilled the early promises.