The next Note device Samsung comes up with could feature a unique design incorporating a bendable display, the head of the company’s mobile division, DJ Koh has stated. If that is not salivating enough, such a device could be ready for launch as early as next year itself.

That said, Koh has also expressed a word of caution saying the said device will be launched only when the bendable design technology is feasible enough and is ready for induction in the mass market. Samsung would be aiming for a wider launch of the device instead of projecting it as a niche product.

So that should be the clearest hint one can have of the project getting besotted with delays if things don’t work out as per plan. And with the target being quite futuristic, it would perhaps be wise to not pin too much hopes on the very next Note iteration to have a bendable display.

As it is, Samsung has for long toyed with the idea of launching a device with a bendable display. Unfortunately, the nearest it has ever come to such a concept is a few prototypes that it had showed off at various tech events. Those again were fascinating to say the least but none of them transcended to the mass market.

In fact, Samsung was also rumored to launch a bendable display during the 2017 Mobile World Congress event but there was none of it. Interestingly, Samsung is the first to offer smartphone with curved displays in the form of the Galaxy Edge series though such a feature has become default in its flagship range.

Worth mentioning, Microsoft too has hinted of coming up with a new smartphone that would have a bendable display. However unlike Samsung that has pretty much confirmed it is working on such a device, Microsoft prefers to be highly secretive when it comes to it smartphone ambitions. Experts though opine the Surface branded bendable smartphone that would easily transform into a tablet will be ready for launch sometime next year.

Lenovo had also showcased a foldable device that could function as a 7.8-inch tablet when fully deployed or a 5.5-inch smartphone when folded. Lenovo however hasn’t stated when or if at all it wishes to launch the device.